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IBX 2003, S.L.

Family company founded in 1995 specializing in the manufacture and marketing of bathroom furniture. From our modern facilities located in Dolores (Alicante ) , equipped with the most qualified for the manufacture of bathroom furniture technical, mirrors and other bathroom accessories and tailored for maximum environmental friendliness at the forefront of the vanguard of the sector. Our mission is to design, manufacture and sell bathroom furniture of the highest quality standard that meets the needs of our customers. Our main goal is to give the best service to our customers with the highest quality product in the shortest time possible and keep in constant renewal, incorporating new materials and innovative designs, revolutionizing the concept of bathroom furniture.

Associated Data

  • Address: P.I. LOS AZARBES, AV. CORUÑA, 2
  • Postal code: 03150
  • City: DOLORES
  • Province: ALICANTE
  • Phone: +34 96.678.17.87

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Plaza del patriarca, 4, pta. 5
46002 Valencia ESPAÑA


+34 96 353 20 07


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